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FRP/GRP Profiles Solutions to All Industries

FRP/GRP materials are durable and tough material which is regard as replacement of wood and steels. FRP/GRP structural profiles and gratings are commonly seen in nowadays – handrails, stair treads, insulation ladders and many other industrial applications.

But they are not widely accepted in some countries and areas. Here we will introduce you where they can be used and why we need choose them in your projects.

  • Chemical Processing

    Anti-corrosive and safe FRP/GRP profiles and gratings solutions to High Corrosive Chemical Processing.

  • Water & Sewage Treatment

    Anti-chemical corrosive and stable structure of FRP/GRP handrails and walkways are ideal for water and sewage treatment industries.

  • Electricity & Power

    Outstanding insulating FRP/GRP ladders and cable management system satisfy all requirements of electricity and power industries.

  • Oil & Gas

    Salt resistance and stable FRP/GRP profiles and gratings solutions to Salty oil and gas industries.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Standard and customized FRP/GRP profiles and gratings are widely used in mechanical engineering for durability and protection.

  • Building & Constructions

    FRP/GRP profiles and gratings have high loading capacity and long term durability, which are widely used in building and constructions.