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FRP/GRP beams on brown background with different sizes and colors.

FRP/GRP BEAM– Excellent Bearing Structures and Supporting Parts

FRP/GRP beams are good materials with high strength support structure.

It is suitable for crowds of long-span and high-strength structures.

FRP/GRP beams have excellent bearing capacity and they are widely used in bridges, roof bracing structures and industrial platforms.

Available Types
Available Types
  • A yellow wide flange beam on gray background.

    Parallel flanges and high ratio of flange to web.

  • Green I beams on milk color background.

    Tapered flange edges and low ration of flange to web.

  • A green FRP/GRP unequal flange I beam on dark blue background.

    A short flange and a long flange.

Available surface type
Available surface type
  • A yellow FRP/GRP beam with smooth flange surface.

    Smooth surface

  • A yellow FRP/GRP beam with corrugated flange surface.

    Corrugated surface

  • Good bearing capacity.
  • Superior shear and bending capacity.
  • Easy fabrication.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Anti-slipping performance.
  • Lightweight.
  • Wide range of applications.
  • Good looking, corrosion-resistant.
  • Free maintenance, fire retardant, anti-UV.
  • Excellent insulation, magnetic permeability.
  • Any color, length, and specification.
Classical applications
Classical applications
  • Beam structure of bridge.
  • Roof support structure.
  • Industrial platform.
  • FRP/GRP beam support stair.
  • Cooling tower structure.
  • Variety of cable management systems and support.
  • Grating structure component.
  • Platforms and walkways where non electrical and thermal insulating properties are required.
  • Yellow FRP/GRP beam structure of pultruded grating floors.

    Pultruded grating floors

  • FRP/GRP roof support structure made by green FRP beam.

    Roof support structure

  • Yellow fencing made of yellow FRP/GRP beam.

    FRP/GRP fencing

  • FRP/GRP green beams as structures for cable ladder.

    FRP/GRP cable ladder

Common specifications
Common specifications
  • A drawing shows FRP I beam

    I beam

  • A drawing shows FRP Wide flange beam

    Unequal flange beam

  • A drawing shows FRP Wide flange beam

    Wide flange beam

Item W1 (mm) W2 (mm) H (mm) T (mm) Stock
FRPB-01 (I) 25 25 15 4 Stock
FRPB-01 (U) 30 20 10 4 Stock
FRPB-02 (I) 33 33 20 4 Stock
FRPB-03 (I) 38 38 15 4 Stock
FRPB-04 (U) 40 25 15 4 Stock
FRPB-05 (U) 50 25 15 4 Stock
FRPB-06 (I) 58 58 15 4 Stock
FRPB-07 (I) 58 58 15 4.5 Stock
FRPB-08 (U) 65 25 25 3 Stock
FRPB-09 (I) 70 70 25 4 Stock
FRPB-10 (I) 100 100 80 5.5 Stock
FRPB-11 (I) 110 110 50 6 Stock
FRPB-13 (W) 125 125 125 9.4 Stock
FRPB-14 (I) 150 150 100 6.5 Stock
FRPB-15 (W) 150 150 150 7.2 Stock
FRPB-16 (I) 200 100 100 10 Stock
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Production process
Production process
  • Creel, continuous rovings, other reinforcement, guide plates, resin bath, heated die, pulling force and cutter.

    Production line of FRP/GRP beam


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