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A red, a green, two yellow and two gray FRP gratings on gray background.

Color Choice Guidance in Different Application

FRP grating features bright colors and lightweight structures. It has wide range of applications for industrial and commercial use. How to choose best and most suitable color for your project? Here we will introduce you and help you find the perfect color you need.

Most Common Colors: Red, Yellow, Gray, Black, Blue and Green.

Available Colors:

FRP grating color options are based on applications they are used for. As we all know, the FRP gratings are widely used in industrial and commercial applications:

  • Stair treads. Yellow grating is most common seen. Gray is available for factories.
  • Working platforms. Yellow grating for bright color and reminder. Gray, green and blue FRP grating for common factory flooring and platforms.
  • Walkways. Yellow, gray and green are all available. Slip resistance options need to consider for safety.
  • Trench covers. Gray is perfect. Because it can be harmonious with surrounding environments.
  • Tree guard. Green grating is more suitable for tree guard. Because it is harmonious with surrounding environments and grass.
  • Car washing gratings. Yellow and red is commonly used. Green and gray is also available.
  • Yellow FRP grating with nosing is installed on the stairs.

    Yellow FRP grating.

  • Blue FRP grating with yellow nosing is installed on the stairs.

    Blue FRP grating.

  • Gray FRP gratings are installed in the factory.

    Gray FRP grating

  • Yellow FRP grating is covering ground in sewage plant.

    Yellow FRP grating.

  • Dark gray FRP grating is covering walkway in waste water plant.

    Gray FRP grating.

  • Dark gray FRP grating is covering walkway in waste water plant.

    Yellow FRP grating.

  • Green trench covers are placed in the factory.

    Green trench cover.

  • Dark gray trench cover grating is covering trench.

    Dark gray trench cover.

  • A yellow square tree guard is covering the tree well.

    Yellow tree guard grating.

  • A green round guard is covering the tree well.

    Green tree guard grating.

  • A car is parking on yellow car wash grating.

    Yellow car wash grating

  • Two worker standing on the floor and a car is parking on the blue and green car wash grating.

    Blue & green car wash grating.

Customized Colors

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